The Use Of Supplements And Steroids In Pursuit Of Fitness

In pursuit of fitness, there are a lot of hurdles to cross. Besides the determination, hard work, dedication and discipline, one is required to be knowledgeable about different products, equipment, food and many more. Sometimes, you may not know what information is true and which may be misleading. There is a lot of hype on various supplements that aid in achieving fitness. Today we focus on different aspects of these supplements and why you should not solely focus on them.

Short term effects

There are supplements that have been proven to work but the effects are only short lived. The moment you stop using the supplements, you regain back the weight you had lost and face muscle loss among other things. While this may have brought you the desired results, it won’t be long before you are back to where you began. You will have wasted your money and time and above all the emotional journey you will have experienced may leave you depressed.

Some do not work independent of exercise

A lot of these supplements do not work independent of any exercise. They aim at boosting muscle building or fat burning but you must also play a part. Therefore, you must follow different fitness routines in addition to using the supplements. Independent use may not result into any noticeable gains and may therefore be a waste of money and time.

Negative side effects

The supplements may have negative effects on your body and health. Some body building supplements have been proven to cause hormonal changes and infertility in women, cardio vascular issues, high blood pressure, acne, insomnia, increase in the level of growth of body hair and increased appetite. Some of these effects are experienced in the short term while others may be long term. Some people have even gotten addicted to these supplements derailing their progress in life. The side effects may be as a result of the chemicals that may constitute part of the formula for the supplements or steroids.


Some of these supplements are illegal in some states and required signed doctor prescriptions to acquire legally. This means that the black market may sell you these products but they may not have proper dosage advice. Improper dosage may not give the desired effects and they may result to negative implications on health.

Prolonged Use

Some steroids and supplements require extensive use before experiencing results. This is not true for all of them. You should therefore re-evaluate your goals and choices when it comes to the use of steroids and supplements in pursuit of fitness to ensure that you are doing it in a safe, sustainable and durable way.