Revolutionize Your Diet For Fast Weight Loss

For many, “diet” is a four-letter, evil word that conjures up visions of going without, but that’s not the foundation of a good weight-loss plan. The secret to permanent weight loss and maintaining that weight loss is all about healthy choices. Popular diet fads would have us thinking all it takes is to cut out carbs, count calories and embrace bacon, but this doesn’t equal a permanent solution for weight loss. There’s one main ingredient that is a big part of your weight gain: Sugar.

What Real Causes Of Weight Gain

The real culprit of weight gain is sugar, and this ingredient is primarily found in all processed foods. Cutting back on sugar is one of the best things you can do to streamline your waistline. It’s definitely a challenge since one of the main ingredients in the foods we crave is sugar, but losing weight requires a lifestyle change. When it comes to the battle of the bulge, the kitchen becomes your battlefield. Here’s what your arsenal should look like;

*Beans, dry or canned
*Vegetables, fresh or frozen
*Bread, whole grain
*Rice, brown
*Whole-grain crackers
*Chicken breast
*Olive Oil
*Low-fat or Soy Milk
*Garlic, fresh
*Jam, all-fruit
*Spices and Herbs
*Fresh fruit

Your ultimate goal should be to cook lean. Does this mean to cut out all the extras, like mayonnaise? No, but it does mean to use those less-than-healthy items sparingly.

Revolutionize Your Strategies

Once you’re properly provisioned with the right foods, include some strategies to help boost your transformation. Here are five great diet tips that will help you lose fat fast;

1. Forget about frying foods. Frying is really a poor excuse for cooking and no other method dumps more fat into your food choices. Steam, bake, broil or sauté in olive oil.

2. Buy lean. Purchase the leaner cuts of meat to avoid extra fat. Even the leanest cuts of meat may require some trimming. The fattest part of the meat will be stark white, making it easier to see. Just trim that fat off and your arteries and waistline will thank you.

3. Stock up on rice. You get more fiber, vitamins, and minerals by eating brown rice. There is no difference than cooking white rice and brown rice provides more protein.

4. Change your flour. An easy way to include more fiber in your menu is to replace half the white flour you normally use with whole wheat flour.¬† Unbeknownst to most people, white flour has been stripped of nutrients and it’s considered a “bad carb”.

5. Enjoy more salads. Many people avoid salads because they don’t embrace the creativity that goes into creating a masterpiece. Combine greens, like endive, spinach or iceberg with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and garbanzo beans. Add in grilled chicken, fresh herbs and top with bacon bits and you’ve created a healthy lunch.

Altering one’s eating habits initially take thought and perseverance, but as you change your menu and incorporate more healthy choices, the fat will drop off week after week.