Anavar And Winstrol Combined Safe And Effective

Anavar and Winstrol are both very popular oral anabolic androgenic steroids. They are the mainstay of cutting cycles. It is therefore not shocking that Anavar and Winstrol combined safe and effective. This combination can be used together for a cutting cycle as they both give synergism to each other’s effects. The other reason for this stack is to use lower levels of Anavar. Anavar is expensive compared to Winstrol. For this reason, using lower levels of Anavar cuts down on the economic cost.

During the cutting cycle, the aim is to lose weight and fat while maintain the stamina and the gains that were acquired during a bulking cycle. Both Winstrol and Anavar do not undergo aromatization in the body. For this reason, the levels of Estrogen remain the same. As a result, there is a drying effect because no water retention occurs. This is advantageous during the cutting cycle but also has its downside. This is because there is a drying effect in joints which manifests as joint pain.

To make this stack safe, it is important to use the lowest dose possible in the shortest duration. Oral steroids are associated with greater hepatotoxicity when compared to their injectable counterparts. Winstrol and Anavar are no exceptions. Using supplements that protect the liver either as post cycle therapy or during the stack duration is necessary.

Winstrol and Anavar have been shown to increase the levels of low density lipoproteins and reduce the levels of high density lipoproteins. To prevent this, it is important to increase the uptake of Omega oils to counteract these severe side effects.

An Anavar Winstrol stack is usually made of lower than usually used doses of the two drugs. Most advanced steroid users can use the two steroids at doses of 50 milligrams each per day. However, for beginners these doses are not tolerable and they are advised to go for a lower dose of Winstrol. The dose of Winstrol for beginners can be maintained at 25 mg a day. This cutting stack should not go beyond 6 weeks.

The safety and effectiveness of this stack relies on the right dosing and duration.