How To Safely Supplement With Prohormones

Prohormones are powerful steroid supplements for significantly increasing muscle size and testosterone. It is a chemical compound that affects hormones that exist within your body already. All hormones have a prohormone that they correspond with. Some prohormones are produced naturally within the body such as pro-opiomelanocortin. Prohormones work by giving your body the testosterone precursor so that it’s able to produce testosterone on its own. Definitively, this is what a pro hormone is.

Unlike anabolic steroids which are always considered illegal, prohormones are legal in many cases. The prohormone market thrives because anabolic steroids are illegal. They are illegal in the United States but legal to import in the UK. It’s also available in Canada under strict regulation. It’s common for a prohormone supplier to often be surrounded with legal issues. So, if you do happen to find a great supplier, you may want to order in bulk.

You can expect the best prohormone to cost anywhere from $30 to $50, making it very affordable in comparison to other steroids. You may be lucky enough to find prohormones for sale and save by buying in bulk. Also, factor in cycle support supplements and PCT into the total cost when you buy prohormones. It’s not ideal for anyone under the age of 21 to take pro hormones. When you’re under 21, your endocrine system is still developing and your body will stop producing its own testosterone when it is flooded with artificial testosterone.

Who Should Take Prohormones?

When you’re ready to purchase a prohormone, make sure you do your research and read reviews to find satisfied users. You’ll find many prohormones that don’t promote muscle growth to be legal. Yet, this likely defeats the purpose of why you’re taking it anyways. To make sure that you’re not getting a watered down version of the real thing, look for other people who have taken the product and received positive results.

Prohormone supplements are meant for those who want greater sex drive, increased muscle size and strength. When supplementing with it, expect more muscle mass and a more fit appearance. Testosterone is the main chemical that your body uses to build muscle, whether man or woman. With prohormones, there are the obvious results that will happen from taking it such as enhanced athletic performance and faster recovery. Increasing the amount of testosterone flowing through your body results in a more masculine face, defined jawline, more hair growth, a deeper voice.

The Results of Taking Prohormones

You can expect ground-breaking results from the best prohormones on the market and actually get them. It helps men get a vascular body, more gains, greater endurance, and strength. It’s very likely that you’ll experience some side effects from taking it. It’s extremely rare for someone to supplement with prohormones and not experience some side effect. Some of the most common side effects are; acne, headaches, hypertension, hair loss, swollen prostate, liver damage, breast enlargement, nausea, and dizziness. Consdier how important it is to minimize the side effects you experience with post cycle therapy (PCT). There are a few different post cycle therapies to choose from like; Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERM), Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid), Tamoxifen Citrate (nolvadex), Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), and Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

To protect your liver, take a supplement specifically for your liver. It’s absolutely necessary to take a supplement for your liver when taking prohormones because your liver is working very hard. Consider taking milk thistle, ALA, Curcumin, lecithin, NAC, L-Carnitine, taurine or green tea extract. Prohormones are hepatoxic and meant to be cycled on and off. Not cycling on and off prohormones can result in liver damage. Take prohormones safely by supplementing for a month and stopping for six weeks. Don’t drink while supplementing, it prevents protein synthesis.