Good Hydration And Awesome Prohormone Cycles: Tips For Analyzing Your Urine

Proper nutrition and a rigorous workout routine are two things that will help you maximize the efficacy of even the very best prohormone stacks. When you use a prohormone stack, however, you have to account for the added stress that a multi-tiered formula will invariably cause. This is especially true when it comes to maintaining good hydration and being able to effectively flush toxins out of your system. Fortunately, your urine is a great indicator of both hydration and overall health. It can even tell you how well your body is responding to the chemical and hormonal changes that prohormone stacks are designed to incite.

The Difference Between Getting Enough Water And Too Much

The first and most important thing that your urine can tell you is whether you’re getting the right amount of water. If you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Be mindful that the best prohormone stack is going to dramatically increase your fluid requirements. If you don’t feel thirsty, but your urine is dark, has a pungent odor or looks coppery, up your water intake. If your urine looks like water, you’re drinking far too much pure water and should switch to coconut water instead. Be mindful of the fact that a lot of your fluid requirements can be easily met by consuming more water-dense vegetables and fruits.

Liver Stress And Coppery Urine

Prohormones are less likely to result in liver toxicity than are anabolic steroids. Be wary, however, of urine that maintains a consistently dark color despite increases in your fluid intake. This can indicate bladder, kidney and liver stress. All of these things could mean that your internal filtration system is overwhelmed and that your dose may need to be decreased.

Greenish Urine And Nutritional Supplements

When you use the best prohormone stack’s, one of your greatest concerns is going to be getting the right nutrients for supporting the new muscle development you hope to incite. Sadly, a lot of athletes and bodybuilders are less than diligent in sourcing or preparing balanced and nutrient-dense meals. Many people become overly reliant upon gels, bars and shakes instead. Even though these things can provide quick energy boosts and good, supplemental support, they’re never a satisfactory alternative to healthy, home-cooked meals.

Your body can do more with chicken breast, leafy greens, a few hard-boiled eggs, and a dish of brown rice than it can with a protein shake, an energy bar and a few gel packs. It’s important to consider these products as not being unlike multi-vitamins. With foods, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients are readily recognized, processed and absorbed. With supplements and supplementary foods, many of the available nutrients are far less bio-available than you would hope. As such, a fairly large percentage of these wind up getting passed out of the body via the stools and urine. If your urine has the greenish tint that it tends to take on when a complex, multi-vitamin is taken, you may be overly reliant on the wrong products for fueling your body up. Start eating fewer gels, bars and shakes, and focus more on fresh, natural foods that are rich with bio-available nutrients.

Sweet-Smelling Urine

A lot of anabolic steroids change the way the body produces and responds to insulin. For some people and with certain products, this can translate as an increased risk for developing diabetes. The good news is that this is far less of an issue when using a prohormone stack. If you’ve recently used gear before stacking, or have run several prohormone cycles in the near past, however, you do want to be cognizant of physical changes that might indicate insulin problems. One key sign to look out for is sweet-swelling urine. This is not a development that should be ignored. If you notice it, report it to your regular doctor right away and ask for glucose testing.